Performance Group


We live in an amazing area with so many events which equates to numerous performance opportunities.
In this region, rich in the Arts and musical output, the time is ripe for a Junior Performance Group to take the stage. Sussane is delighted to start just this in 2020, an idea that has been simmering for a few years. 
If you are interested for your child, we will be holding auditions for 7 - 15yrs over two days in January and if you wish a slot then you need to register your interest with us. Choose two dates 6th Jan & 20th Jan to try out. You will need to prepare one song unaccompanied to perform. Make sure it is one that makes you SHINE! 
This group will get together on a weekly basis during school terms.Times are scheduled to be THURSDAY 5.15pm & 6pm, being a 7-12yrs group and 13yrs+ group. We will sing together and rehearse in one group towards the end of term (or near a performance), which requires the 13yrs+ to sometimes attend an earlier time eg:5.30 time.
We are a performance group. We need to gel as a group, learn parts as a group and commit to attending throughout 2020. Only then can we ensure we grow as a vocal performance group and create an outstanding standard of entertainment. On and Off attendees creates too many dynamic changes that will ultimately hinder us. So if you are a KEEN COMMITTED SINGER, EAGER TO GROW and LOVE THE STAGE then we would love to hear from you.

$480 a year (includes Vocal Warm Up Download) 
or 2 x $250 payments
Dunsborough TBC exactly where!