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VOICE IT pop ups were born as a response to the Christchurch shooting. It’s for likeminded people who wish to spread the message to choose kindness, choose peace, respect and choose love!


Think of it as a gentle way to implore humanity to be more humane.

THANK YOU for being part of this wonderful day where we sang ZOMBIE together for the first time. How lucky were we to have Phil Strahan and Natasha Passmore leading us all so beautifully. Also, what a beautiful venue – thanks to St Georges Community for its lovely gesture for allowing us to use the space.


A huge shout out to Matthew Moyes and Brendan Jagoe-Banks for editing the video and sound. This means  you can now view our efforts from POP UP #1 ZOMBIE on the you tube link to the right.

Thanks to all, stay safe and live gracefully

Susie x



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